Predictive Breach Detection

Analyze the past to predict the future using generative AI and advanced data sourcing.

Discover The Unknown

See beyond your perimeter with continuous asset cataloging, IP detection and shadow IT discovery.

Assess Your Most Pressing Threats

Quantum Armor combines the range of an EASM platform with the depth of cutting-edge DRPS.


Quantify Risk

Correlate your assets and vulnerabilities to produce actionable risk assessments.

What It All Means

Our Generative AI ingests thousands of data points to provide clear security briefs to secure your company.

How Quantum Armor Works


Quantum Monitoring

Discover the unknown

Continuous Monitoring.

Our attack surface monitoring system doesn't require any software or agents to be installed on-target. Quantum Armor gathers information that is externally available to rate the cyber security posture of your digital assets.

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Quantum Cloud

Insights Into Your Cloud Instances

Cloud Security Made Simple.

Utilizing a range of proprietary algorithms, Quantum Armor helps you monitor, audit, and harden your cloud instance without installing any agents. This is done by leveraging the APIs that are already in place and provided by the cloud vendors themselves.

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Quantum Intelligence

Information is key

Global Threat Intelligence.

By partnering with NATO, Quantum Armor is capable of identifying key IoCs, malware strains and threat actors operating across the web, and then cross-reference those against your organization's logs and data.

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Quantum Reporting

Making sense of it all

Leveraging Generative AI.

The Quantum Armor LLM ingests thousands of data points and provides a daily security brief including an executive summary, security rating, detailed findings, and recommended roadmap along with the likelihood of an imminent data breach.

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Need more reasons to choose Quantum Armor?


Quantum Armor Plans

Flexible plans to suit your needs.

  • Data Breach Prediction
  • Risk Analysis and Scoring
  • Generative AI support
  • Attack Surface Tracking
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Cloud Security Audit
  • Asset Discovery
  • Agentless Operations
  • Remediation Planning
  • Monitor Dark Web
  • OSINT and Shadow IT
  • Threat Intelligence
  • NATO-shared Threat Feed
  • Reduce false positives (IA)
  • WAF Protection
  • SSL Hardening
  • Dedicated Cloud Instance
  • High Performance Server
  • Custom Development
  • Support
  • Business
  • Email/Phone
    (Business hours)
  • Contact Us
  • Enterprise
  • 24/7/365 hotline with
    1 hour SLA
  • Contact Us

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What Our Customers Say

"Cybersecurity is a new business risk that companies can no longer ignore. Being able to quantify that risk and deploy adequate measures to limit exposure is essential in risk management and cybersecurity planning."
John Hanigan
CEO at SparkWorks SRL, Madrid
"Being able to view our company from the standpoint of hackers has been an eye-opener for us. We discovered critical information on the dark web which exposed our servers in a way we had never suspected."
Andrew Williams
CISO at TrackXS, California
"Automatic asset and attack vector discovery has removed a huge blind-spot for our security team, and uncovered previously unknown vulnerabilities which could have been truly catastrophic for our company, if exploited."
Tim Regnar
IT Manager at Ubiquity SA, France

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