Quantum Intelligence

Dark Web Monitoring

Detect Data Breaches On The Dark Web

Detect if your company has suffered a data breach by monitoring the dark and deep web for any sensitive information tied to your company or key partners. Often, hackers will announce their intended targets on certain dark web forums. Quantum Armor crawls forums to alert you of any mentions of your company or selected partners.

Credential Monitoring

Capture Credentials From Third-Party Breaches

Monitor the dark web for employee credentials leaked from third-party data breaches. Humans being humans, there is also a chance that some of those credentials have been re-used by your users on your own systems, indirectly compromising your company. Contact us for a complimentary one-time report of your company’s currently exposed credentials (up to 500 credentials).

Malware Monitoring

Malware Stolen Credentials

Monitor the dark web for credentials stolen by malware that might currently be installed on your systems today. Track down the origin of the credential leak and take action to remove the undesired code before it's too late.

Stay Tuned With The Latest Threats

Threat Feed

With contributions from Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT) from around the world, large corporations such as Microsoft, Google, Apple and direct input from NATO, stay on top of the latest trends in cyber security on a global scale. Download Indicators of Compromise (IoC) and check your exposure on your systems.

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