Quantum Reporting

Generative AI

Daily Report Generation

Our Large Language Model (LLM) ingests thousands of data points to provide clear security briefs to secure your company. Make sense of technical observations in clear language and gain relevant AI-powered insights regarding vulnerabilities reported by Quantum Armor.

Action Items

Mitigation Plan Generation

Generate customized daily mitigation plans to reduce your attack surface and close identified gaps in your perimeter defense. Prioritize your remediation efforts with Quantum Armor's classification and mitigation planning.

Bragging Rights

Digital Badges

Showcase your commitment to cybersecurity and display your hard-earned badge on your website, application, or marketing materials. Demonstrate tangible results from your cyber security strategy and earn the respect you deserve.

Know Where You Stand

Digital Asset Reports

Daily asset reports allow you to narrow down on a single machine to secure it from every possible angle. Share individual asset reports to their owners and create accountability within your team.

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