Predictive Breach Detection

Leverage Artificial Intelligence to predict and prevent a cyber security breach.

Dark Web Monitoring

Gain visibility into the Dark Web on imminent attacks against your company, and take action before the hackers do.

Find the weak link

Anaylise your attack surface and find the weak link that will likely be used against you in a cyber attack.


Cloud Security

Run daily cloud security audit to harden your cloud instances and stay clear from common misconfiguration issues and easily avoidable vulnerabilities.

Active Defense

Go one step further and deploy smart shields around your high value assets to reduce your attack surface and minimize the risk of a data breach.

What Our Customers Say

"Insightful approach to security! Quantum Armor was adopted by our infosec team within days of testing. Kudos for bringing us what is now the keystone of our security strategy."
Andrew Williams
TrackXS, California
"We're still uncovering many of Quantum Armor's features that lie under the hood. This tool has increased our security capabilities 10-fold."
John Hanigan
SparkWorks SRL, Madrid
"Very scalable and easy to install, the system was up and running within hours. Strongly recommend Quantum Armor to companies that need serious security."
Tim Regnar
Ubiquity SA, France

How Quantum Armor Works


  Quantum Protect

Protect your digital assets with an anti-DDoS shield that combines SSL hardening with an advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF). With over 400 shield servers dispersed globally, Quantum Protect can sustain up to 10 Tbps without breaking a sweat.

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  Quantum Monitoring

Our attack surface monitoring system doesn't require any software or agents to be installed on-target. Quantum Armor gathers information that is externally available to rate the cyber security posture of your digital assets.

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  Quantum Cloud

With support for most cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, Quantum Armor offers unique insights into your network, web application and infrastructure.

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  Quantum Intelligence

Gain visibility into the Dark Web with Quantum Armor's ability to track down data breaches, leaked credentials, and look-alike domains. Protect your digital assets by staying one step ahead of the hackers.

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Detect Changes To Your Perimeter Defense.

Quantum Armor™

Safeguard Your Digital Assets

Changes in configuration, whether intentional or not, can have dramatic side effects. Track any changes in your network configuration to make sure that your digital assets are never exposed.


Pinpoint the Origins of an Attack


Track down attacks by geography

A key component of your attacker's profile is their geographic location. Once a specific region or country can be identified, firewall rules and other defenses can be implemented to quickly and efficiently halt an attack in its tracks.

Our Q-Traceback technology allows you to pinpoint the origin of an attack and provides you with a global cybersecurity outlook.

Built-in Modules For Advanced Security

Cloud Security Made Simple.

Utilizing a range of proprietary algorithms, Quantum Armor helps you monitor, audit, and harden your cloud instance without installing any agents. This is done by leveraging the APIs that are already in place and provided by the cloud vendors themselves.

Actionable insights are delivered regularly. These include concrete steps toward hardening your cloud security, along with common misconfigurations such as open S3 buckets or default credentials.


NATO-backed Threat Intelligence


Global Threat Intelligence.

By partnering with NATO, Quantum Armor™ is capable of identifying key IoCs, malware strains and threat actors operating across the web, and then cross-reference those against your organization's logs and data.

All public data breaches are automatically reviewed to ensure that they don't contain any sensitive data or credentials tied to your organization.

Furthermore, Quantum Armor™ crawls the Dark Web around-the-clock and alerts users to any indications that they've suffered a data breach.

Need more reasons to choose Quantum Armor?


Quantum Armor Pricing

Flexible pricing to suit your needs.

  • Cost
  • IPs or Domains
  • DDoS Protection
  • WAF Protection
  • SSL Hardening
  • Monitor Attack Surface
  • Monitor Dark Web
  • Cloud Security Audit
  • Intelligent log parsing
  • Reduce false positives (IA)
  • NATO-shared global intel
  • Dedicated Cloud Instance
  • High Performance Server
  • Custom Development
  • Support
  • Business
  • $3900/month
  • Up to 100
  • Email/Phone
    (Business hours)
  • Contact Us
  • Enterprise
  • Request a quote
  • 1000+
  • 24/7/365 hotline with
    1 hour SLA
  • Contact Us

*Additional assets at $49/month each. Please contact a sales representative below for a personalized quote.

**MSSP pricing available.

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